Personality and Skill Development:

Here at MLZS Udaipur, we believe, a child’s growth should not just be limited to his or her academic learning. What is education? Certainly not the books, but enhancing an individual’s mental capabilities to not only analyze but function according to it at every aspect of life. MLZS Udaipur is keen to equip our students with such morals and ideology. We visualize learning in a very much different manner than any other school. We are determined to motivate our children with extensive and unique learning programmes throughout their stint at MLZS Udaipur.

Personality and skill development is a vital component in today’s competitive canvas. We visualize a better future for our students, where they are ready to face any obstacles. Not just with the orthodox bookish academic learning, but with a sense of understanding and visualizing. Our personality & Skill development programme focuses on features and attributes like decision making, problem solving, communication skills, and scenario analysis. Practicing these skills right from the beginning of their academic career is a benefit in the long run. The confidence to face the world tis the fulcrum of success.

In order to meet these goals, MLZS Udaipur organizes number of field trips all around the academic session. Not all trips are field trips, this is what we understand. With quizzes, games and activities that are to be conducted during the trip, we introduce all the learned topics in a practical manner to our students. This way they practically experience all their lessons during the year itself. These activities stimulates student’s mental capacity and offers a better sense of understanding towards complex concepts. The natural environment plays an extraordinary role in achieving these mental growth objectives. It also enables students to extend learning beyond the confines of the classroom by expeiencing and surmounting real life situations and challenges.

Apart from these field trips, the school also organizes various activity sessions that directly contribute towards the student’s co curricular segment. These activities are designed to develop an urge in the children to step out of their academic boundaries and rediscover a whole new world of enjoyment, concepts and possibilities.

A practical approach towards concepts helps our students to not only acquire sufficient knowledge about the same, but also equips them with priceless tools of morals, etiquettes, responsibility and the valued power of decision making.

We endeavor to equip, budding entrepreneurs through FLIP, create Technology smart students via DCP, Learn about Environmental balance & synergy through GSP and create confident speakers who can hold the bull by the horns via CPD. We envision a growth path for every child keeping in mind their talents & Skills so that tomorrow every Mount Literan can become a leader in their chosen field.