Academic Experience

Principal's Message

Ms. Nayana Chowre


"It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Mount Litera Zee School, Udaipur. I invite you to explore and discover what it means to be a Mount Literan!"

When describing our school, I often say that it is ' a home away from home...' Every member of our community - Faculty, Staff, Parents, Alumni, Board Members and Well wishers - believe in the value of a Family Bonding and that is how we treat our students.

From the moment I stepped foot onto this beautiful campus in Udaipur, I knew I was a part of something special. We take pride in bringing our storied history of innovation in the education field and empowerment of students. MLZS Udaipur envisions to prepare students to assume leadership roles and to thrive and grow in bold ways. By giving Life Skill Lessons, imparting professionally oriented education like Teaching Foreign Language right from Primary Section, Professional Music Lessons, Film and

Our students, no doubt, shall be inquisitive, articulate, self - confident, bright and caring. However, what distinguishes MLZS Udaipur is that we offer education from the grass roots of our culture. In addition to an exemplary academic program, our students shall be able and willing to participate in Academic Competitions, Inter-School Competitions, Sports, Art, Olympiads, Preparation of Entrance Examinations from Grade 9, etc.

Our Promise which captures the essence of our Mission Statement continues to guide all that we do at MLZS Udaipur : As an academically vigorous community where girls are valued and known, we promise to provide an environment that fosters curious and independent leaders who are prepared to contribute as compassionate global citizens.

Imagine... • Being in a School where everyone is known. • Forging strong relationships with your Teachers and Classmates. • Having opportunities to follow your Passions. • Attending a school where academics are a top priority and like you, your classmates are conscientious and want to be successful. • Knowing that your school values the Art, Athletics and Extra Curricular Activities. • Attending a school that provides a nurturing environment and stresses Character Education and service to